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How Chinese Herbs can help
Chinese Herbs are the complement to the hands-on treatments of Chinese Medicine. They can support the body in ways that acupuncture cannot. Such as when there is a pathogen present, and the bodies immune system is too weak to over-come it. The needles can stimulate the immune system, where as Chinese herbs can eradicate the pathogen. There are herbs that can eliminate bacterial, fungal, and viral infections.

When Chinese Herbal formulas are taken at the appropriate dose for the diagnosed ailment, there are no side effects. Chinese herbs, are like food therapy, the body assimilates and uses the properties/benefits of the herbs and they are not stored in the body. For this reason, the patient must take the formula consistently to maintain the right level of relief or action in the body.

It is important that if you are taking western prescription drugs that you inform me during the intake, so that those medications are taken into consideration for which formula is most appropriate for you. I do not advise you to stop taking your current prescriptions during your treatments. However, I do advise that you talk with your Physician regarding the dosage of your prescriptions as the acupuncture and herbal treatments improve your condition.

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